New Trend in Real Estate named “The Great Reshuffling”

April 14, 2021 | By chad siemer
Great Reshuffle

There is a new trend emerging in real estate. Calling this trend “The Great Reshuffle”, The Sun Gazette published the article “New Data Suggest Geographic Reshuffling is at Hand” earlier this month. Even in 2018 and 2019 the flow pattern of where people were moving was beginning to shift. Renters were moving out of the cities and more buyers were looking into smaller cities or moving out of state. “The pandemic brought an acceleration of trends we were seeing in 2018 and 2019,” said Zillow senior economist Jeff Tucker. “More affordable, medium-sized metro areas across the Sun Belt saw significantly more people coming than going, especially from more expensive, larger cities farther north and on the coasts. The pandemic has catalyzed purchases by millennial first-time buyers, many of whom can now work from anywhere.”

In March of 2020, when the Covid 19 pandemic changed the way we all approached our jobs and commute, many people and companies discovered that they could allow their employees to work from anywhere and still be productive. And once people discovered they could work from anywhere, they wanted to live in a better location. According to Floridarealtors.org “Among those who have relocated over the past year, three-quarters (75%) say they moved for positive reasons, such as being closer to family or friends or living in an area they’ve always dreamed of. New flexibility to telework has opened up those opportunities for many, and new real estate technology has enabled prospective purchasers to get an immersive experience of a home from hundreds or thousands of miles away.”

The wrinkle in the plan is currently the low inventory of houses available, but that is also beginning to change. According to Zillow analysts who have been monitoring the trends since the beginning of the pandemic, “Life and financial uncertainty are among the top reasons homeowners have not listed their home for sale during the pandemic. The COVID-19 vaccine is likely to change that and prompt many more people to move.”

This is good news for Central Florida  which has already seen an increase in the median price of homes sold from January to February of 2021. “The new numbers illustrate just how far the market is tipped in favor of sellers. Sellers are receiving multiple offers, often above their asking price, and buyers are engaging in bidding wars with people looking to move to Orlando from other states,” said Natalie Arrowsmith, 2021 Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association President, NextHome Arrowsmith Realty. “There are not nearly enough homes on the market to meet the demand from people who want to buy homes right now.” So if you have been waiting to sell, now may be the time.

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Sold our home in less than 3 weeks and above asking price. Will be using him again to sell our other home in the very near future. You wont be disappointed in selecting Chuck and his team, I recommend you start packing once you bring him on board.


Kyla helped me find my perfect home. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and most importantly, she listened to my wants and needs! We searched until we found my perfect home. She stayed on top of the inspections and mortgage broker requirements until closing day. I could not have chosen a better  partner for my home search. Thank you, Kyla! You are a rock star and I could not be happier.


Chuck is just the best! So friendly, helpful and quite the funny guy 🙂 we loved him ?? and after all of our shenanigans, house to house to house to house……he was so patient and would even tell us if he thought we were in over our head. Sometimes we saw “a little fix here and there” but chuck  saw a headache! He’s not in it for a quick sale! That’s why, we’re going to buy another house! We purchased our house a little over a year ago but we’re ready to move on….I’ll be call you soon Chuck!

Jess & Colin

Words can never express how much I enjoyed and loved working with Kyla. For me, I never wanted to work with a realtor due to fears of them scamming me and just “talking a good game”. Kyla eased that fear the very first time we met. She was personable and she answered questions in a way that made  you actually answer your own questions in order for you to be the sole driver of the process while she copiloted and snatched the wheel when need be. Lol. She was available when needed most and very understanding when questions came up in the wee hours of the night. Would I recommend her, ABSOLUTELY!! Kyla thank you again for all that you’ve done for my family and I! YOU ROCK!


Kyla was excellent. She was very kind & understanding. The closing on my home was a mess! Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Kayla sat with me the entire day at the closing office waiting for a wire transfer. She made a difficult day much easier for me. The purchase of my new home was  swift & easy bc of her. She also made sure that I won the bid on my new home with a secret she uses, as there were 5 offers!! I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling.


Chuck was everything you could ask for in a realtor – smart, responsive, thorough and genuinely kind and honest. After meeting with other realtors, we were so happy we went with Chuck. He really listened to us, gave us sage advice and made the selling process a breeze. Doesn’t get better than that!


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