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The Right Agent Is Your Guarantee of Home Buying Success

The right decision can make or break the desired outcome. Just like everything in life, choices determine success or failure. It’s the same with buying a home.

Investing in your future is a big decision; one that you and your family will live with for many years to come. Hiring the right guide to help you choose the right property will be critical to your future happiness.

While there are hundreds of local realtors vying for your business, it’s vital to choose the right one for your home-buying journey. What worked for someone else might not work for your search. And while your neighbor might have clicked with their realtor they might not click with you.

It’s important to have a process for selecting the perfect agent for your search. By taking the time to find your perfect agent, you’ll make the process not only more enjoyable but also more effective.

Begin Your Search

The time to begin your search depends on where you are in your process. If you have definitely decided to sell your home, your search for the perfect agent should begin 3 to 6 months before listing it. Most agents will be happy to provide information knowing it gets them future business.

If you’ve toyed with the idea of buying a home without the representation of an agent, we strongly advise against going it alone. The myriad of documentation and legal paperwork alone will be daunting.

A qualified agent is trained to see details of a property you might miss that could end up costing you thousands of dollars. They also have the necessary experience to negotiate to your advantage.

Agent Qualities to Look For

Here’s a shortlist of advantageous traits you want in a realty partner:

·        Communication and Responsiveness

·        Personal Attention

·        Experience

·        Local Market Knowledge

·        Professional Accreditation

·        Tech-Savvy

·        Great Client Reviews


Agents who are overly aggressive or pushy tend to have a personal agenda. They may be pushing certain properties you aren’t overly thrilled about for a personal reason. Look for a realtor who listens to what you need for your lifestyle and responds with listings that match your desires.

Check Out Bespoke Professionals

Indeed, the realtor who clicked with your neighbor or cousin may not be right for you, but if they have performed superbly it’s worth your time to meet with them. If they don’t specialize in the type of property you seek, they may have an adept colleague who does.

Before perusing the internet and the hundreds of realtors listed there, ask friends and family for referrals. Ask your neighbors and colleagues about their realtor experience. This may help you to narrow the list of possibilities. But remember, find someone who has the integrity and professionalism necessary for a smooth buying process.

Check the Reviews

Once you have a shortlist, check their reviews on websites like Angie’s List, Yelp, and others. Review their Google Business Page and ranking at the Better Business Bureau.

Look for Certifications

Realtors often obtain specific certifications to specialize in real estate niches. If you’re looking for the most eco-friendly home some agents are trained to find these types of properties. The same is true of commercial properties, farms, ranches, large-scale homes, single-family homes, and so on.

Talk It Over

By now you should have a list of just a few agents. Schedule an informational interview with each of them to see which connection feels the most comfortable. Request their references and selling statistics.

Be sure to give the agent as much information as possible concerning your property search. No detail is too small. The more information an agent has the better chance they have of finding the perfect home for you.

Who Clicks?

Personality and compatibility are key when choosing a real estate agent. You will be spending a lot of time together choosing listings, viewing properties, and inspecting homes. A good agent will put you at ease during the first meeting and help you stay relaxed during what can sometimes be a stressful buying process.

The traits of a great agent are:

·        Great Communication – they respond quickly to your questions and don’t leave you hanging for days waiting for a reply.

·        Expertise – they have experience and a good track record of success

·        Market Knowledge  – if you’re looking for an urban penthouse you don’t want an agent who specializes in suburban ranch houses. Make sure to choose an agent with the necessary market experience

·        Glowing Online Ratings – chances are if hundreds of others loved a particular agent, they can probably make you happy too

·        Personable – a successful agent can conduct themselves professionally and cordially with everyone

Finally, Choose Your Partner

During this process, you have likely spoken with many agents but it’s finally time to select the one who will be your dedicated and reliable partner, the one who will guide you through the fun and complicated process of buying a new home. Before you sign the dotted line of any buyer-broker agreement, remember this:

The Top 3 Qualifications of Great Real Estate Agents

The best agents in the industry help you get your piece of the real estate pie by embodying these 3 indispensable traits:

·        Professionalism

·        Integrity

·        Exposure

P – Professionalism means a consistent standard of excellence in all they do.

I – Integrity means doing the right thing, whatever it takes.

E – Exposure means making sure your needs as a buyer are known to sellers and your listing as a seller is available not just locally or nationally but worldwide.

The Shaver Group – Your Trusted, Honest Partner

Our mission is to provide you with the attention and dedication you deserve from a real estate agent. We’ll be honest and faithful in all we do. Our professionalism ensures the highest standard of client service excellence, always.

By choosing The Shaver Group as your buyer’s representative or selling agent, you’re putting your experience in our hands and we don’t take that lightly. We’ll work harder for you than any other agent. That’s a promise.

Contact us today and let’s begin!


    Integrity is doing the right thing for the right reasons, period. There are times when this will hinder business, but we understand that we stand before God with our decisions and that He is the provider of all our business. We know that we will never please all the people all the time, but we also know that doing the right thing will never lead us, or our customers, astray.


    Professionalism means that we are expected to maintain a standard of excellence with regards to our role in the process. As experienced professionals, we know that our role as advisors is vital as our buyers and sellers rely on us for guidance to make wise decisions in what may be the largest financial investment most people will ever make.


    Exposure means that The Shaver Group will ensure that your home or home search will be local as well as worldwide. This combination ensures that our local network of Realtors®, buyers and sellers developed over the years is available in addition to the power of the Keller Williams worldwide network of referral partners.


what our customers say!

Sold our home in less than 3 weeks and above asking price. Will be using him again to sell our other home in the very near future. You wont be disappointed in selecting Chuck and his team, I recommend you start packing once you bring him on board.


Kyla helped me find my perfect home. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and most importantly, she listened to my wants and needs! We searched until we found my perfect home. She stayed on top of the inspections and mortgage broker requirements until closing day. I could not have chosen a better  partner for my home search. Thank you, Kyla! You are a rock star and I could not be happier.


Chuck is just the best! So friendly, helpful and quite the funny guy 🙂 we loved him ?? and after all of our shenanigans, house to house to house to house……he was so patient and would even tell us if he thought we were in over our head. Sometimes we saw “a little fix here and there” but chuck  saw a headache! He’s not in it for a quick sale! That’s why, we’re going to buy another house! We purchased our house a little over a year ago but we’re ready to move on….I’ll be call you soon Chuck!

Jess & Colin

Words can never express how much I enjoyed and loved working with Kyla. For me, I never wanted to work with a realtor due to fears of them scamming me and just “talking a good game”. Kyla eased that fear the very first time we met. She was personable and she answered questions in a way that made  you actually answer your own questions in order for you to be the sole driver of the process while she copiloted and snatched the wheel when need be. Lol. She was available when needed most and very understanding when questions came up in the wee hours of the night. Would I recommend her, ABSOLUTELY!! Kyla thank you again for all that you’ve done for my family and I! YOU ROCK!


Kyla was excellent. She was very kind & understanding. The closing on my home was a mess! Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Kayla sat with me the entire day at the closing office waiting for a wire transfer. She made a difficult day much easier for me. The purchase of my new home was  swift & easy bc of her. She also made sure that I won the bid on my new home with a secret she uses, as there were 5 offers!! I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling.


Chuck was everything you could ask for in a realtor – smart, responsive, thorough and genuinely kind and honest. After meeting with other realtors, we were so happy we went with Chuck. He really listened to us, gave us sage advice and made the selling process a breeze. Doesn’t get better than that!


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